Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trip Summary

Total brough 700K JPY to japan (9300 SGD) left with nearly 200K JPY(2500JPY). Credit Card signed about 1.5K. Total including airfare 2.1K + 700(Jr Pass) + 6800 + 1500 = 11K for the whole trip.. but i spent a total of about 2.5 to 3K on toys.. in fact without the toys, i would have spent about 9K for the whole trip.

Meals daily are about 6000JPY daily (all 3 meals).

Overall what we did

- took nearly 3200 pics digitally
- dragged single handled 2 luggages( 30inches ) from Airport to hotel and vice versa
- Brought 5 tins of milk powder to Japan
- brought a 20 month old girl on a 25day trip.
- went to Kobe this round.
- went to a japanese pade
- bought nearly 3K of toys..
- shipped a total of 20kilos by surface still waiting for items to arrive.
- love the way the ladies are dress there.. prine and proper.. unlike singapore flipflops, shorts , singlets etc when going out... over there out of 100 female.. only 1 or 2 might not have makeup on.
- irrashaimase!! i love the traditional welcome greeting from any shops when you entered it in japan. And especially when the Major Stores like Isetan just opened and you are the 1st one to dash in (i was looking for a toilet) and everyone will be standing at their counters welcomming you in. **blush** i was looking for a washroom..hehehe
- Also in japan seldom see plump ladies.. told mrs about it also .. hehehe
- Rachel luv the Bic Camera Jingle...hahahaha

Another Clearer one

Strange strange Ikebukuro.
SEIBU is east (of Ikebukuro station) and
TOBU is west (of Ikebukuro station).
SUNSHINE stands high.
"Ikebukuro" is a famous place in Tokyo.
The head store of BIC CAMERA is in Ikebukuro.

"SEIBU" and "TOBU" are the names of department stores in Ikebukuro.
"西 nishi" means "west" and "東 higashi" means "east" in Japanese.

"SUNSHINE" is the name of a high building in Ikebukuro.

30th April .. weather in Singapore is hot

Hot hot hot... damm cant believe it.. we are having a heat wave here at the equatorial. 32 degress based on Singapore Metrologcial Services. Tokyo weather was nice when i was there cool, cloudy , slight rain temp around 17 - 20C. Now its a sweatering 32C.. gosh..

When we were at Nippori , came across some apartments that were being sold. It was a new block near JR 日暮里.. can foreigners buy??? so tempted to buy a apartment in japan for a away trip from singapore.. i need to start attending some jap lessons



Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day after Japan Trip Brought Rachel to the Pade

got up at 830am this morning day after Japan Trip, went to do some marketing with Marcus as he also got up the same time as me, at least the boy had a good sleep on board the flight as it was not a full flight, the kids had 2 seats each on left side wing portion. They could stretch their legs fully to sleep while i was handling Rachel, Cause of her runny nose , she had difficulty sleeping.. woke up every 30 mins...

After getting back from Market , Marcus kept on saying he wanted to open the Mack Truck set which we bought from the Disney Store at Taka Shinjuku. I relented and opened for him.



Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 24 - 28 April Going Home to Singapore

day 24.. hiaz.. 24 days passed so fast.. seems like it was yesterday when we arrived. Left for Tokyo on April 5th and now today is April 28th, time really flies when you are on holidays. Got up at 8am this morning and prepared to checked out of the hotel so that we can have ample time to the airport. We decided to go direct to the airport as we had too many items to lug home!!! I suspect the luggauge will be heavier when we left for Tokyo even tot the kids milk powder was consumed. Brought 3 tins of 900g , left 1 tin. 4 tins of 400g left 1 tin.

Diapers also used up left only about 10 pcs on top of the 1 pack we bought from TRU Ikeburuko. Weather today is beginning to warm up. Also today when we woke up , Rachel was having the flu systomps.. lucky lucky us. The walk from our hotel to Nippori Station took us nearly 30 mins.. haha i had to make mutiple rest lugging the 2 huge luggagues. I even wanted to pack 1 box to ship back to singapore. Decided not to, as we had already sent back 2 boxes. 1 box in Osaka , another box this last monday from Tokyo. Now am blogging from the airport offline and will post this once i get internet connection. Surprised that the airport has no free internet access unlike our Changi Airport back home. Anwyway i love the free access from my hotel thruout the whole trip both in Osaka and Tokyo.






Arrived the airport around 1115am using the Keisei Limited Express train from Nippori. Had our lunch at one of the cafe and a funny thing happened. After ordering our food at the counter, i returned back to our table where mrs and the kids were sitting, and mrs asked me ".. you ordered this green colored drink??".


I looked at her confused and saw the drink on the table. "No" I said.



Then we wondered if the drink has been paid, i told her since we are sitting outside in the open area, and the item served it should had been paid , as i had to pay our order first then they will serve us... then some spaggetti with seafood toppings came, and i saw it was not what i ordered .. we told the man who served us its not ours in Eigo. Ahe he replied "dozo dozo".. hahaha..i told mrs forget it.. just eat since its paid. After 5 mins , our order came, luckily i ordered one set only. Time was 1 pm after we finished our lunch, and mrs said lets try to check in.. i told here cannot be able to check in as the flight has not even arrived yet. But we tried anyway, amd we managed to check in. In the end , found out our total baggage weight was 80kg , and the staff told us no charge.. hehehe lucky us. but we still have heaps of hand carry bags... lol.. 8 bags total... hahaha... you ppl must be wondering how i managed to carry all those.. even the Northwest staff did not say anything. Well since we had 4 hrs to burn , went to the children's playroom located near Gate 27 for the kids to pass the time away.


Marcus was so proud of the vehicle he built.. and said he wanted a picture taken..

At 7pm, we got on the plane with no issues.. and now on the way home :( .. sad sad.. not enough.. i dun want to go home.. Marcus said to me "Papa say goodbye to Japan.. Next April we come again" .. i was like .. ohh the boy.. tears started forming..getting emotional here.. oh well.. its a holiday which the whole family enjoyed..


i still remembered that evening which i saw the offer and told mrs.. and she said dun want to go Rachel still young.. i told her lets go if we keep on worrying she is young and all the things we have to prepare , we will never go.. In the end, i booked the tickets without telling her and only telling her after i paid.

The trip overall was enjoyable, with no major complaints just the 2-3 days which rained while we were in Tokyo...


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 23 - 27 April Shinjuku , Asakusa and Ibekuruko

mrs wanted to drop by asakusa street again to do some shopping.. morning dropped by there again and had our lunch there at one of the chinese restaurant there...

Later in the afternoon, we went over to Shinjuku for a walk. Their streets are all close this weekend cause of the upcoming Golden Week(ゴールデンウィーク) starting on Tuesday..

Tomorrow evening returning back home to Singapore... hiaz.. seems so fast my 25 days holidays....










Anyway after the Asuka Sawamoto Incident at Akiba on 20th April (i missed it.. :( ) , The local police has banned all acts and has signs shown prominently..

Heres the video Link on news about the incident on 20th April



After Shinjuku , we rushed down to Ikeburuko Toys R Us as i promised Marcus i will get him the Police car which is similar to the Ambulance bought the first week when we were there. Actually the ambulance and police were unique, it had buttons to press which will play back a annoucement in japanese asking cars to give way.



Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 22 - 26 April Tokyo and Kinshichō

Lunch ate at a Chinese Cafe at Akihba Square then went to Kinshichō town to shop around, today basically doing some last minute shopping before we return to singapore on Monday evening flight. How time flies, during the beginning of the trip its seems slow.. after back to Tokyo from Osaka, time seems to flies faster... went to the bigger Daiso store that was at Kinshichō, mrs wanted to shop there. Seriously Singapore Daiso at $2 is not cheap compared to Japan's Daiso of 100JPY (1.35SGD).

After Daiso , we went back to Tokyo Station to have our dinner and also shopped at Character street again. After which we made our way back to Nippori..

Some photos ....














Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 21 - 25 April Ueno / Akihabara surroundings

Nothing planned today and this 2 days before we return to Singapore on Monday. So planned to Ueno and Akihabara area, as i also had to collect the Tomytec item which is now avaliable at the train shop.

Left hotel at 11am.. walked till just now 6pm got back.. legs and hands tired.

one thing always hear at the stations annoucement "Mamonaku, ichiban sen ni densha ga mairimasu. Abunai desu kara, kiiroi sen no uchigawa e, osagari kudasai."








Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 20 - 24 April Imperial Palace, EdiSu and Shibuya

today's weather slightly rainy , by the time we left the hotel , the rain cleared up and was slightly sunny. So decided to go to the Imperial Palace grounds via Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit where you can see the whole brick structure of Tokyo Station. But unfortunately , the whole place was undergoing some restoration works.










After walking the Imperial Palace gorunds, time for lunch.. had lunch at a chinese Restaturant near JR Yurakucho Staion outside BIC camera. After lunch, we dropped by MrCraft near Ebisu station to check out some tomicas.





After shopping at the shop, continued the trip to Shibuya for shopping around the area.. hehehe lucky mrs is not into clothes and makeup. Else she will want to keep on returning to Shibuya...







After dinner , rain started as per weather forecast.. in Japan , i have learned to trust the weather report here.. i use this daily to check the weather for the next 24hrs -> JMA.. The ppl crossing the Shibuya junction was a sight to behold.. many umbrellas