Saturday, May 17, 2008

Start of long weekend..

yeah... nearly had my weekend burnt by some issues at work, but managed to resolved it at the eleventh hour. Had some things to do this weekend.

- Clean up my Japan City and prepare to lay down the Yamanote lines.
- Get a spanner to screw tight the crank of my bicycle tightly.

- Get a power supply unit to replace the blown out unit when we returned back to Singapore. The power supply got shorted due to the surge.

Went out in the afternoon when the kids were asleep to settle these items. Went to Sungei Road , managed to get the box spanner for $6 , nearly bought this in japan for $14. Bought also some M14 size spring washer to ensure the nut does not come loose again.

Dropped by OG Albert and saw that a lego set was on clearance offer 50% off. Its a Racer Technics Set. Usual $101.95.

My items which we shipped from Osaka and Tokyo arrived on Wed. Marcus was so happy that his truck was here. Begged me to open when i got home in the evening on that day.




day was so sunny at noon when we went to the plaze for lunch and some grocery buying..


Evening , went for a dinner with my bro and parents at Roberston Walk... place was nice.. Bro treated cause he promoted to First Officer.. ya he is a pilot. Nice job , i really envy him.




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