Saturday, December 3, 2016

Weekend Friday n Sat ....

Yooo... its been a while since i updated the blog.. and i guess i should continue to do so... so lets just get it going... and not waste time explaining why i missed so many updates... 3 yrs in fact.. hehehe... so i guess there are many things i could talk about... but lets leave that for a later part..

Winter is round the corner and as usual snows tires are a must for our daily drive vehicle. The front tires thread were nearly to a pt where it was time to replace these. These tires have been used for the last 5 winters.. and i would say its about time to change them out. As my rears were studded FireStone Winterforce, i initially wanted to get the same brand but decided to go with the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 Studded. These are the best winter stud tires in the mkt and it cost me nearly $200 a pair just to have the old tires removed , new tires installed and balanced.

Found this company called Anywhere TireCare.. and cool they will come to you wherever u are as long as its 40 miles within Albany locality. .. i was a tad embarrassed as the initial appt was 3pm and i came home at close to 320pm .. apologized to the guy and he said not to worry... and got about doing what he was here for.

after 20 mins .. i was all set.. my front are studded snows too... and now officially i have the noisiest car in the estate.

My scope rings finally arrived for my AR and quickly mounted up my Nikon Prostaff Scope (ProStaff 3-9x40 Matte BDC) which i bought 2 pcs at $99 per pc during the recent Black Friday sales at Dicks Sporting Goods.. Cabela's also had the same deal at the same price. Yes... for those who do not know.. i have quite a fair number of firearms and also a Pistol permit which allows me to own pistols / Handguns. I will talk about those later.. but i am in the process of getting a CCW Conceal Carry Weapons Permit to body carry my pistols with me when i am outside in public concealed.

Some pics of the Scope mounted on my .223 AR15. This rifle was a good price and i paid nearly $500 for the whole built. Self built this baby up with a Anderson Lower Receiver and a PSA upper receiver kit.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall is approaching..

so decided to plant some lilies for next spring... bought a few bags of lilies buds for planting

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hummer rework...

so gotten my truck and its up on jack stands since Sept 9... as i did not have a proper 3 ton jack to lift the truck up .. and also jack stands... had to buy a new set from Harbor Freight

also had to cut a few pcs of studs to place them as base plate prevent marks on the mistake i made was not to cover the driveway with a blue tarp...

the layer of rust on the frames... mostly surface rust.. which is easy to remove with a simple grinder and wire brush

disassembling the rear section was a breeze.. i had most of the tools i needed... and after 2 hrs it was all off

the rear steel bumper plate... see that rusted section... i hate rust!!!

 Storing the rims in one corner...i need to clear this corner out.. before the snow comes...

the bolts and nuts... see the layer of rust...

searched online and found this popular and cheap method of rust removal... using Phosphoric acid 15$ per gallon.. and it can be reused if you like.. just that the chemical will have a change of color after soaking in all the rusted parts

just a sample of before rust removal

the reaction.. bubbling

the after results... amazing after 24hrs of soaking

also did the rusted bumper plate.. wire grind-ed and coated in the acid for the next 2-3 days with a brush

the after coating of the acid....

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Car Care...

decided to do some car care over the weekend.. as the minivan was on a long trip... so decided to removed the tires... clean out the internal wheel wells.. and also to install the mud guard on the van...

i decided to paint the calipers red as i bought some high temp paint...i completed both cars over the long weekend we had due to Labor Day

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Project : Basement - continued Post 11

onto the basement again... completed the framing and drywall of the closet area also completed the storage section doorway..